Shrek in a leotard

There are three beginner classes offered at my current school.  I am enrolled in Fundamentals 0-2 years, which my husband refers to as “Baby” class.  It is great for ballet dunces except when it is combined with the more advanced Open Class. This has occurred twice in only four classes this term due to teacher illnesses.  Nothing exacerbates my ballet horribleness than having class with a bunch of high school kids who have reached the level of performing pointe solos.  There are also a few 50 year-old women in the Open class that put me to shame.  It is an interesting mix.  I just wish I could keep up with them instead of getting lost after the second combination at the barre and lumbering around like an ogre during center.

After my last class on Saturday (class #4), I decided I need additional classes if I ever want to move out of my “Baby” class and into the Lower Beginner class.  Now I’m not saying that I won’t continue with my “Baby” class, but by Fall I would also like to enroll in both “Baby” and the Lower Beginner course and – most importantly – be able to keep up with the class.  Easier said than done.


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