Curiouser and Curiouser

Lately, I feel like Alice in Wonderland.  What appears true in every day life is usually the opposite in BalletNerd’s beginner world.  Let’s look at a few examples:

Normal Every Day Existence Ballet Beginner World
Fairly young at 29.  Even called a young pup at work the other day. Old – Not even older. Just old. I am more than double the age of some of my classmates.
Compared to most co-workers and friends I’m pretty skinny. Chunk from the Goonies.  I expect to be called upon to perform the truffle shuffle instead of the standard barre at any time in class.
Average height – Ok I will admit even in real life I’m considered tall, but I’ve been surrounded by so many other tall friends and relatives that I no longer notice. Gulliver meets the Lilliputians – why is everyone so short??
Stronger, flexible, agile Weak, inflexible, clumsy clodhopper

Wonder how this will change over time???


One response to “Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. heh, heh…. as a 40yo class veteran, I’m 5ft 10, UK size 10, and feel like an ageing gargantuan against all you young ‘uns.
    Size doesn’t matter tho – musicality, grace and enthusiasm are worth a million times more than skinny limbs. Cover up if you’re self conscious but don’t let it hold you back – always enjoy….x

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