The sinister left side

Why do we always start on the right AND mark the combination on the right? My left side only gets half the ballet class that the right receives. Would it be so bad to switch it up every once in a while? I’ve been noticing lately in the center that my left arm is a bit of a straggler. It hangs a little lower in 2nd position, isn’t as quick to respond to arm changes, and typically wants to do its own thing. Sometimes I’m pretty sure left side is still in bed or watching Saturday morning cartoons. Left side would be much better prepared if it got the same attention as the right. I’m right handed (or right legged/footed – whatever we happened to be using) and naturally my right side is better. My brain has to decode and really concentrate when we switch it over to the left. Sometimes this just doesn’t happen, especially on exercises where we go across the room. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to give the left more of a challenge? Curious as to how left handers cope with such an emphasis on the right.


2 responses to “The sinister left side

  1. In my class we always start on the left!
    I think this is because of the set up of the room and where the CD player is though. If you went to a different class in a different studio then it might be different. I know what you mean about one side getting more work. I always have one leg slightly tired-er than the other at the end of class.


  2. Hello, that is a good point. I give class for profession ballet companies in Europe. I try to give one day right. The second day Left. But many companies don’t like it. So I mostly give class starting on the right. In professional ballet school its different.
    If I may I will attach a few basic clips I have made on correct stance for ballet class. Andrew

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