Wait I thought this was Pilates class…


Hey there!  This is my first blog ever – so please have patience with me.

I enrolled in what I thought was a community Pilates class at a local college that specializes in performing arts.  I was wrong.  I accidentally enrolled in Beginner Adult Ballet: Fundamentals 0-2 Years.  What my husband found even more hilarious, was that I did not realize this until the second class.  I did not think much of the fact that 70% of the class wore leotards, tights, and ballet shoes.  No biggie – so did the models in my Pilates book.  I did think it was odd that we never got out any mats, never performed any exercises lying on the floor, but thought, “Who knows – maybe that would happen in week 2.”

So…week 2 and our class was combined with the Open Ballet because their instructor was sick.  These gals were good – well at least they impressed my clumsy self.  Only then did it dawn on me that something was off.  Why would they combine such classes and why were we all expected to perform ballet moves?  “Ah-ha,” says self , “This is not Pilates!!!”

I am now an Adult Ballet Beginner at age 29 and a complete BALLETNERD.


9 responses to “About

  1. Haha!
    What a way to start ballet!
    Hilarious! Can’t wait to read more

  2. This is the funniest “how I started ballet” story I’ve ever heard! Love it!

  3. The feminist in me is about to call you shallot-y for making me laugh so hard that I cried! Thanks for enabling me to continue to develop my green yet heady performance! Your fellow 29 year old corps de ballet adventurer. I’m following you on twitter, sister!

    • In addition to being a ballet nerd I am also a grammar nerd. So, please forgive any and all typos past, present, and future. I’ll be just to darn engaged to notice them! ❤ Also, I'm located in the Seattle area. Are you East Coast?

      • Hi Lena – Glad you are enjoying the blog. I’ll have to check you out on twitter. I’m also a grammar nerd at heart, but I’ve been slacking and can barely keep up with my own typos – so don’t worry! Oh and yeah – I’m on the East Coast. Born and raised. Also, please share your own ballet experiences. I would love to hear others’ stories too!

  4. I was born into a performance art family, but I didn’t begin my formal dance education until age 10. I don’t take to many people well. I’ve only taken to two partners, both of whom I knew for years before getting involved with. I had a great social relationship with one, and a great sexual relationship with the other. But neither of them wanted to be married to a ballet dancing chemical engineer. Both relationships ended badly under accusations of my being crazy. I didn’t take it too personally. I practically live in a crime scene.

  5. wow, wow, wow. its a thing?! i turned 29 several weeks ago and ballet wouldn’t leave my mind, i want to learn to dance so bad. the reason i found your blog was cause i typed “ballet @ 29” in google!!!! I am going to be following this and really hope to find the time and a class near me! Loves!

  6. Are you still dancing? Inquiring minds want (must) know.

  7. Haha, this is hilarious, thank you for this!

    Funnily, I also stumbled upon ballet by accident. Our dance-impro teacher was sick, so I went to the ballet class next door, and was hooked immediately. There must be something magic about it.
    Good luck and greetings from Berlin!

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