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March Madness

Work has been ridiculously busy for this Balletnerd, making ballet almost non-existent for the past two weeks.  This was not helped by my college ballet class also having a week off for spring break.  Tuesday will be my first class back since March 5th.  This seems like an eternity and I can’t help but feel a bit nervous.  The standard concerns I normally have before each class only exaggerated and cartoonishly inflated.  It amazes me how after only a two week break the feelings of “why am I even doing this” creep back in versus my standard “wow I’ve learned so much already”.  Not much you can do but march on in there and just deal with it.


The sinister left side

Why do we always start on the right AND mark the combination on the right? My left side only gets half the ballet class that the right receives. Would it be so bad to switch it up every once in a while? I’ve been noticing lately in the center that my left arm is a bit of a straggler. It hangs a little lower in 2nd position, isn’t as quick to respond to arm changes, and typically wants to do its own thing. Sometimes I’m pretty sure left side is still in bed or watching Saturday morning cartoons. Left side would be much better prepared if it got the same attention as the right. I’m right handed (or right legged/footed – whatever we happened to be using) and naturally my right side is better. My brain has to decode and really concentrate when we switch it over to the left. Sometimes this just doesn’t happen, especially on exercises where we go across the room. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to give the left more of a challenge? Curious as to how left handers cope with such an emphasis on the right.

Mirror mirror on the wall – whose foot sickles most of all?

This week’s correction at the studio class was regarding hair. “Hair should be in a bun and not a ponytail.  It is too distracting when it swooshes around.” Interesting because the dress code for the studio class is more laid back than the college class.  I’m the only person wearing a leotard and tights.  That was the only correction I received for the whole class – which is kind of disappointing.  I know there was a lot more I could have done better, but only that one comment on hair.  I understand that it is a fine balance for the teacher. How much do you correct in the recreational adult classes?  Over do it and some people could find it too discouraging or embarrassing and will stop showing up.  Not enough and students feel like they are not taken seriously.  Our teacher made the comment that we should use the mirror and be our own harshest critic, but that only works when we’re in the center because it’s hard to even see the mirror while standing at the barre let alone correct oneself.