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That old heel…

I have to really focus to keep my weight towards my toes and off my heels.  It just feels so strange.  When I finally get it just right – I’m way off the combination.  UGH

This is a constant correction in my Saturday College Class.  Directed to everyone – but I know I’m a habitual offender.


Over and over again.


Mirror mirror on the wall – whose foot sickles most of all?

This week’s correction at the studio class was regarding hair. “Hair should be in a bun and not a ponytail.  It is too distracting when it swooshes around.” Interesting because the dress code for the studio class is more laid back than the college class.  I’m the only person wearing a leotard and tights.  That was the only correction I received for the whole class – which is kind of disappointing.  I know there was a lot more I could have done better, but only that one comment on hair.  I understand that it is a fine balance for the teacher. How much do you correct in the recreational adult classes?  Over do it and some people could find it too discouraging or embarrassing and will stop showing up.  Not enough and students feel like they are not taken seriously.  Our teacher made the comment that we should use the mirror and be our own harshest critic, but that only works when we’re in the center because it’s hard to even see the mirror while standing at the barre let alone correct oneself.



Also known as my arms.  More corrections on arms this weekend.  They are driving me crazy.  They don’t want to move exactly with the feet.  My 2nd position arms are always an issue.  My shoulders start creeping up as soon as my arm goes out.  Next thing you know my shoulders will be above my head.  How do you keep those suckers down?