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Why aren’t there more ballet apps???

A quick review of ballet apps I downloaded on my iPhone.

Ballet Barre Exercises – Kevin Andrews Industries $2.99
I actually like this app.  Goes through some basic barre exercises.  Includes descriptions and video of each being performed.  Not bad.  I like that it is not just a demonstration of how to do the step one time, but the repetition of each step performed as it would be in a regular barre.  Also glad that it is not super fast, or performed as part of a ridiculously advanced step.

Ballet For Beginners – Anthony Walsh $4.99
Not worth a dime.  This is primarily a collection of YouTube videos which are available for free.  I was really annoyed.  Especially misleading because the app description lists all of the lessons but does not include any pictures except the app picture itself.  Chances are – you’ve probably already seen a few of these videos if you have done any ballet searches on YouTube.  I know I have and would have recognized the videos immediately if a picture was included in the app description.

I have been a little hesitant to download other apps.  Any recommendations?