March 2011

3.1.11 – Studio Class – 3rd class

General corrections for the entire class:  Do not bend your knees during tendu.  Point your toes when you jump.

Barre Combinations: A warm up combination starting in parallel position, which focuses on proper posture and balance.  Series of pliés and relevés.  Straight forward combinations en croix of tendus, dégagés, and rond de jamb.  This week we added petit battement sur le cou de pied.  For each of these combinations, we added the port de bras based on the direction of the working foot.  A few of the combinations end by facing the barre and balancing in a 1st arabesque position.  Focus is not on the height of the raised leg, but correct form.

Stretching followed by grand battement.  This teacher adds little tweaks here and there that I’m not used to from the College Class, but these do add to the gracefulness of the movements.  Here explanations of them are a little vague and it is a little hard to catch on.  We also introduced developpe after the grand battement.

A bit unusual.  We practiced jumps at the barre instead of center.  Eight saute’s in first position, tendu to second, rest for eight counts, eight jumps in second position, rest for eight counts, followed by eight changements.

Center work: Started with some nice easy forward and backward moving tendus.  Added a plié.  Then the focus was on glissades and chassés.  Crossing the room with a chassé followed by a hop on the same leading foot in arabesque, then restarting the chassé with the alternate foot.  My glissade needs a bit of work.  I have the general idea of them, but they are not really that fluid.  My chassés are ok, but are a bit awkward when combined with the hop in arabesque.  Don’t even get me started on the arms.  We also combined the glissade with some form of a  jeté.  I was completely lost on this one.  The teacher went over this too fast and I never saw which foot went where.


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